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Website review: SmartViper (a.k.a. markosweb.com)

Besides being a very detailed website valuator tool, the SmartViper contains a unique feature that looks for keywords in titles and descriptions of a site.

This is an ideal location to submit your site once you have defined a relevant title and description.

It all starts with the process of adding a URL, this is found on the link called ‘+ Add your site’ toward the bottom of the homepage.

Click on the '+Add your site' link towards the bottom of SmartViper's homepage


The website will then go through a process of discovery and data collection.

Once the results are ready, the most distinctive feature is that your site will have been categorized based on its description or  title, for example, if you have submitted a social bookmarking site, you would automatically be assigned a prime category:News Media.

SmartViper website showing an automatically assigned 'Prime Category'


Your site will also be listed on secondary categories and they are listed right below your site’s screenshot.

You will want to add all your sites to see whether they belong to a small enough niche;  this is so that visitors to SmartViper get a reference to your site when they are looking for a particulart tag.

This also allows for features like the tag cloud, available from this link where you start to realize the opportunities of having such a fine classification engine in place. For example, you can choose a country and then a tag, for example ‘Australia’ and then ‘digital cameras’ to get to this result.

There are two minor issues with this website which I am sure will be looked after soon:  The name SmartViper is different than the website’s host name.  Also, I think that more prominence could be given to the tag cloud, maybe include it on the front page.

Tip: as a website owner, you also have the ability to extend the information that SmartViper shows by registering.

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  1. Subrata
    October 10th, 2011 at 12:37 | #1

    Added my site ideaas.eu to smartviper today. Your article will help me to use smartviper features more effectively. I could not figure out how I could add 4 links to my site description. HTML allowed. Anyone has a suggestion?
    Thanks – Subrata at ideaas.eu

    • admin
      October 19th, 2011 at 23:33 | #2

      @Subrata, this is one of the features only available when you register to SmartViper. You have the chance to add an owner’s quote and a couple of deep links.

      However, I would not give so much importance to this feature. What is important is that the phrases discovered from your headings are able to grab a category that is unique enough. In your case, you only have single words defined in your site. So think about using phrases instead.


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