Host is an intermediary in the attack by IP

August 12th, 2015 No comments

In our continuing analysis of organizations helping the unstoppable attack by the St. Petersburg based IP, we have come across more information to aid investigators.

First of all, the attack originates from an address administered by Petersburg Internet Network Ltd or Webiron says  that this provider has received complaints about the abuse but has not taken any action

The router that begins the distribution is also based on St. Petersburg, Russia. The owners are RETN Limited in the Ukraine.

It is very straightforward for RETN to simply block this IP. It would help clean part of their bandwidth issues as I am sure they may be having trouble with it.

Also, blocking this type of Russian based traffic should help Ukraine companies like these to confront the recently less friendly neighbors.

In any case, we are vigilant and will let all know about the happy denouement of this problem.


Content to avoid:

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Whenever you see the URL briefly displayed on an article that appears interesting, you know it is time to hit the cancel button. It means they have succeeded, however briefly.

This content steals valuable bandwith from all your devices, reduces your chances of finding information that matters and if you are a content producer, it will eventually eat into your earnings.

Other content to avoid:
- Any headline that includes the word ‘insane’ or ‘shocking’
- Any headline that includes lists of things: ’5 signs that…’,’3 foods that you…’

Avoiding paid content disguised as genuine advice is a way to increase your own chances at being found online.

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NewsAlloy allows almost immediate blog promotion

August 7th, 2015 No comments

NewsAlloy has provided a valuable service, especially for new blog promotion.

You only need to go to their website and enter your blog including http://

For example:

This resource is regularly quoted by content aggregators such as  Once in Qwant, you information can be picked up by relevant queries.

One useful way to mine information from Qwant is to check your access logs and review search expressions coming from Qwant.

Example Apache log entry from a Qwant referral:

<Qwant ip> - - <date> "GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1" 200 169 "" "Qwantify/1.0"